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Community Leader Announces for Race Against County Commissioner Kevin Calvey

OKLAHOMA CITY - Today, Cacky Poarch, a local community leader, longtime Oklahoman, and mother, announced her run for County Commissioner.


“I am starting my candidacy today because Oklahoma County has been an absolute dumpster fire this week, and Commissioner Calvey’s actions are reprehensible,” said Poarch.


Commissioner Calvey has recently come under fire for transferring CARES Act funding to the county jail trust instead of using it to help everyday Oklahomans and small businesses. He intentionally denied public comment on the issue and has continually ignored the will of the public.


“I have been trained by Sally’s List, attended Pipeline to Politics hosted by the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, and the main reason I am pursuing the Leadership MBA at OCU is so that I can be a more principled steward of Oklahoma tax dollars,” said Poarch. “I will reveal more about my campaign over the coming months. This is a marathon, not a sprint to 2022. Together, we can make Oklahoma County a more transparent and accountable government.”


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