The Issues


  • End backdoor deals and adhere to the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

  • Publicly advertise for bids on major County contracts.

  • Modernize website with consistent communication to the public from Oklahoma County.

  • Respect Oklahoma citizens and reinstate the 3-minute precedent for public comments during Oklahoma County Commissioner meetings.

Public Health & Safety

  • Member of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Community Advisory Board with the mission of establishing the highest standards of accountability.

  • Advocate for additional COVID-19 relief funds for businesses decimated by the pandemic.

  • Improve services for County residents through the Department of Social Services per state statute.

  • Establish “County Community Conversations” with topics to include criminal justice reform, implicit bias, and dismantling systemic racism.


  • Hold the Jail Trust accountable for improving the inhumane conditions of the County Detention Center.

  • Utilize empty spaces in County-owned buildings in service of Oklahoma County residents.

  • Work with the three highway maintenance offices to improve highway conditions in Oklahoma County.

  • Thoroughly address the constant nuisance of potholes in the unincorporated areas.